Three Ways to Reinforcing Your House

Three Ways to Reinforcing Your House

The first thought that might have appeared on your mind once you read the title is, “Why should I bother?” Well, one reason is that our house serves as our shelter. It protects us from the unforgiving weathers, such as flood and heavy wind. And most of the time, a house is not built to withstand such situations because the improvement would have made the price rocketing.

The worse thing that can happen is the structure shifting. It degrades your house’s strength subtly, and you will notice it only when it is too late. Structure shifting also increases the risk of a building collapse, which can be a fatal accident.

Opting for Concrete Floor

Woods, ceramics, and marble offer the best look for your house. But sadly, they contribute little to your house’s strength. Woods can easily break if a heavy object falls on its surface. Ceramics breaks easily also, even if it looks tough on the outside. Besides, ceramic flooring is arranged in tiles. We do not install them as one structure that can support the entire building. Marble is too expensive, yet regarding the durability, marble flooring is slightly above the ceramic tile.

Sturdy Concrete Floor

The ideal alternative to those three favorite flooring materials is the concrete slab. You might think that concrete floor will appear unappealing to your house. And the answer would be a ‘Yes’ if it were twenty years ago. Today, concrete polishing can bring a high-end look to the slab. With professional help, there will be no more overlapping layers. And there is only little maintenance needed for every ten years.

Concrete flooring can withstand heavy objects and structure shifting caused by a flood or strong wind. It reinforces your house structure because concrete flooring also serves as an enhancement to the lower building foundation.

Strengthening the Walls

Smoothening the Walls

To prevent brittle walls, you can attach them to an exterior foundation with rust-proof metal connectors. The recommended anchor bolts for the plates are the ones with 5/8 inches diameter. They must be no more than 6 feet apart from each other to provide the most efficient protection against shifting.

But there is one more thing to which you should pay careful attention, moisture. Moisture can make any concrete structure damp and eat it up inside out. Therefore, you must apply premium water-sealants to your walls. The water drain from the roof must also be effective enough not to let the water to accumulate near the walls.

Be careful with the garage, because the large door there is the most vulnerable point. Reinforce the surrounding parts with steel support. Or, you can also buy a reinforced garage door. They use metal plates and bars to make the door as a part of the supporting structure.

Reinforcing the Roof

Installing New RoofWhat is worse than a strong wind is a strong wind happening during a drought. The chance for a wildfire is high during the dry season, and it can quickly spread from one point to its surrounding fast. As for your house, the roof is the vulnerable place for the fire to start.

You must change to a metal roof. It is the best material out there that stop a fire from propagating. You also need to strengthen the roof deck with steel or metal structure. Replace any wood support if you think your house vulnerable to wildfire. It can be costly, but it is for you and your family’s safety.…