Care and maintenance of trees

Care and maintenance of trees

Trees are an important part of the natural habitat. They play a significant role in the production of oxygen that we inhale. We’ve all tasted a variety of fruits from different trees. This indicates that trees also act as a source of food for humans and animals. Birds and animals find shelter in trees where they can rest or reproduce with fewer disturbances. Most governments and organizations keep encouraging people to plant more trees and at the same time give out harsh penalties to those found cutting trees.

This is because of the damaging effects cutting down or having no trees may have to the environment. Desertification in most parts of the world has been attributed to the cutting down of trees. Every human being is advised to plant and take care of trees. Monitoring the growth of that tree within your vicinity and ensuring it looks good for the compound is important.



Cutting the large branches of trees is important in that it boosts growth. Pruning also makes your compound look beautiful and presentable. One should find the right tools for pruning or hire a company or individual who is an expert. Monitoring your trees and understanding the right time to prune is also important. It is important for the removal of dead wood which has important nutrients for the growth of other trees.


Mulching is important for newly planted trees especially those in nurseries. This involves placing materials on top of the soil of a newly planted tree for specific reasons. It is important because it binds soil together regulating temperatures. Mulching also retrains soil moisture which is important for the roots. Some the materials used in mulching can decompose and become a form of manure adding nutrients that help in the growth of that tree.


002Trees mostly survive on water, that is why most of them dry up when not watered or during the dry seasons. Newly planted trees should regularly be watered. This is because most of its energy is used in the development of roots which establish itself in the soil. Create your own timetable and keep up with it. Neglecting the tree watering procedure can lead to stunted growth or dry up. Also, understand the amount of water a particular species of tree takes in, to reduce cases of excess or less watering.…